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bringing nature back into your life.

Our mission statement is not only marketing blah blah, it captures why Yagoona was created. The main driver for Alex to start Yagoona was the  lack of modern design products that focused on enjoying your personal interaction with nature in your garden. Products that were not only all about you, but also truly try to be as natural as possible.


Slow food and wood fire grilling are synonymous with the natural philosophy of outdoor living and outdoor grilling. Patience and devotion to the craft are a must, and when you get it right, the rewards are amazing. Those that seek the convenience of gas and charcoal need read no further. Yagoona is not for them.

Our range of grills and accessories aim to offer everything you may need to seriously grill with wood fire.


From our world famous Ringgrill for the true social grilling experience, to the Barramundi BBQ for the grill connoisseur. Both make cooking with wood fire a joy and reward the dedicated chef with ever better results as you hone your cooking and fire skills.

Visit the product page for all you need to know to buy a Yagoona grill, or download the latest Grills product book to see our range of products.


Most of us would choose the natural option if only one existed. But most of us are not aware of how important a natural choice is in our gardens. If you are like us and believe our gardens are our little shrines to nature, then we should do our best to encourage nature into our gardens. The products you chose to make your garden comfortable to be in, will reflect your respect for nature.


Products made from natural untreated materials like steel, wood and stone are neutral to your gardens. These are the materials we exploit in our designs. Painted metals, plastics, and synthetics are avoided as much as possible.


Tables, stools, pavilions, raised beds and retaining walls are some of the products you will find in our extensive range. All feature Yagoona’s unique approach to modern design and our deep respect for nature.

Visit the product page for all you need to know to buy any of our Yagoona Garden products, or download the latest Garden product book to see our range of products.

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