Under Construction

Our site is undergoing some major renovations. But we are still here for you!

Reach out to us on info@yagoona.ch, and download our new Product Book - GRILLS to see our current range of wood fire BBQs.

We will be getting much more downloadable stuff up over the next days and weeks so check back soon.

You can also subscribe here to our newsletter, which will also put you on our list to get first notice of the new site!

Update 25/5/2020

The new website is almost done! We still need to polish it off some, but we are super excited for the release date.

Many of you have already ventured into your gardens and want to make the most of the beautiful weather we are having.

So just give us a little more time. You won't be disappointed.

stay safe everyone

Update 1/5/2020

We have had the first taste of the coming summer and can't wait to get out and hang out with our friends. Not surprising some have had enough of our Covid19 isolation and are venturing out trying to regain some kind of normal after many weeks of crazy.

So to have more and more of you tried to visit this site to get the latest on our famous grills and garden products. Sorry you are still stuck with this boring "under construction" page

Talk about crazy, we have been crazy busy trying to renovate not only our website (sorry for the wait guys but its coming), but a lot of new material about new products about to hit the market.

With our heads still down to the grindstone, this is all I can let you know at the moment.

For those waiting baited breathe, save yourself the trouble of checking back all the time, and subscribe to be the first to see the new site.

stay safe everyone

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